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Jin Ryu
Ryu Jin
Jin Ryu after his son knew he was a demon
Biographical Information
Korean Unknown
Occupation Demon Lord/Singer
Status Active
Physical Information
Race Demon
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Amber
Family Mi-Ryu (Son)
Allies Ran
Enemies None
Season 1
Episode 1

Titles/Names Edit



Lord Perdian (Perdian means "no name")


He was born with Amber/orange eyes and black hair. He dyes his hair to match miryu. He keeps the Orange hair until the end of chapter 17

He reverts back to his Black hair afterwards. When in his incubus form he has up to three pairs of wings (his mother resides in the third set) and a set of black, red, and gold costume. 

 He is known to have a beautiful face.


Son-complex. He always places his son need above all. While most of the time he appears to have a childish nature he also has manipulative personality. He takes pride at being a father, and is always over-protective of Miryu. He is ready to sacrifice everything as long as his son is safe. He doesn't hesitate to hurt or even kill anyone that dares to hurt his son, and will often threaten those he deems to be dangerous. Jin also listens to what his son says, and often if not always does anything to make Miryu happy. He will often stalk his son whenever he goes. He has Gynophobia (abnormal fear of women), that he got from childhood experience. Jin holds dislike to anyone that ever tried to hurt Miryu. Beside Miryu, Jin also cares about his father, as shown on several occasions in story, and doesn't have a good relationship with his mother. He also has a beautiful singing voice that he has inherited from his father.

Synopsis Edit


Jin had a mother that's a demon, and most likely a human father. He also has a son. Jin is also somehow destined to kill his son.

Jin has recently revealed to have had Miryu with his adopted sister who was the only company he had in the castle. 

His father commit suicide in front of him.

First ArcEdit




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